A brazen fox swaggered into a Brighton home – and sat in the lounge staring at the gobsmacked owner.

Lisa-Marie Hyatt said the wild animal walked past her mother, who was sunbathing in the garden, before entering her Queens Park Road home.

She said: “I was just sitting on the sofa and it walked in. It wasn’t scared at all, just hanging around and eating my dog’s toys. I was absolutely astounded, I just couldn’t believe it.”

Her miniature Yorkie called Pink, who is just seven inches tall, stood terrified as the fox hid her toys behind the sofa and tore her favourite monkey to pieces.

Miss Hyatt said: “The fox took both of its legs off and I had to sew it back up afterwards.”

It took Miss Hyatt about half an hour to get the stubborn animal out – eventually pushing it out of the door with a broom.

The door is now religiously closed to keep the animal out.