The woman at the side of the “world’s most wanted man” – whistleblower Edward Snowden – calls a small, whitewashed cottage in rural Sussex home.

Sarah Harrison, 31, lives with her parents in a pretty cottage in Maynards Green when she is not helping the former National Security Agency consultant evade extradition to the USA.

Her father Ian Harrison and mother Jennifer have lived in the quaint Sussex village since 2010 after buying the £640,000 farm house.

It’s a far cry from the transit lounge of the Moscow airport where Ms Harrison, who works for the controversial website Wikileaks, and Mr Snowden currently find themselves.

Miss Harrison, who was privately educated at Sevenoaks School in Kent, is in Moscow with Mr Snowden, who has been charged with espionage by the US government.

She works with the WikiLeaks legal defence team led by former Spanish Judge Baltasar Garzon.

In a statement on its website, Wikileaks wrote: “Miss Harrison has courageously assisted Mr Snowden with his lawful departure from Hong Kong and is accompanying Mr Snowden in his passage to safety.”

The charges against Mr Snowden follow his exposure in The Guardian newspaper of Prism, a covert security project run by US intelligence that pries into Facebook accounts, emails and phone calls.


Reports in the Daily Mail claimed Sarah’s mother said she was “very proud” of her “formidable” daughter but that she was “concerned” for her daughter’s safety.

But speaking to The Argus yesterday from his East Sussex home, Mr Harrison said the interview published by the newspaper was “inaccurate” and in order to protect his private life, he was not prepared to speak publicly again.

He added: “We would rather not speak to anybody about this anymore as we believe it is in our best interests.”

Mr Harrison is a former England table tennis champion and worked as an executive for high street clothes retailer Burton.

Meanwhile, Mrs Harrison has worked all her life developing methods of helping children with learning difficulties to read and co-founded Readingworks Limited with her husband in 2008.

Miss Harrison and Mr Snowden had previously hunkered down in Hong Kong before boarding the flight to Russia.

Miss Harrison’s sisters, Kate and Alexandra, both live and work in Hong Kong but it has been neither confirmed nor denied if Miss Harrison contacted her sisters while she was there.

According to her LinkedIn, page Alexandra, 23, works as an assistant events co-ordinator for a company called Hush Up which organises secret parties for young people in Hong Kong.

Kate works as a product manager for Concept4 in the Chinese province having previously worked as a senior product developer for Forever21.