The Government department which wants to deport a fatherof- three has admitted mistakes were made with his visa application.

Australian Phil Sommerville faces being shipped out of the country, leaving his British wife and three children behind in Bolnore Village, near Haywards Heath.

A Home Office employee has now admitted there were “several errors” in letters sent to the family – including spelling their surname wrongly, incorrectly recording dates and erroneous visa restrictions – giving the impression the application “was not carefully considered”.

The family moved to the UK to look after Phil’s wife Isabel’s ill mother, but an application to extend his stay was refused when he failed to provide documents in a letter from the Home Office – which the family never received.

The Argus has launched the Don’t Deport Our Daddy campaign – urging the Home Office to come to its senses and allow Mr Sommerville to stay in the country.

We have been overwhelmed with messages of support from friends, family and strangers.

The Argus: Don't Deport Daddy

Isabel, who met her husband while she backpacked around Australia, made a complaint to the Government body when the letter arrived on their doormat announcing Phil would be deported.

In the complaint she said the family were “well versed with all aspects of immigration both here and in Australia”.

She continued: “In our case something appears to have gone wrong and despite putting this in letters, no one is answering my questions.”

Responding on behalf of the Home Office, Lois Goodson admitted: “I am sorry there were several errors included in our letters, including spelling your surname incorrectly, incorrectly recording dates, visa restrictions and listing enclosed documents. Although these errors did not affect the decision made, they give the impression the application was not carefully considered.”