It has emerged that Ed Miliband sacked Tom Watson following the report of corruption claims in the Labour Party surrounding one of their constituencies.

Karie Murphy and Stephen Deans, chairman of Falkirk Labour Party, were suspended from the party after internal inquiry into allegations that Unite recruited up to 100 party members in the hope of securing Ms Murphy's nomination.

The matter has now been handed to the police amid further evidence, but the leader of the opposition has said it was the right time for the former election co-ordinator to leave.

Speaking at a LGBT anti-bullying conference at Blatchington Mill School on Nevill Avenue in Hove, Mr Miliband said: “I said to Tom Watson on Thursday lunchtime that I thought the time was right for him to go.

"He had talked about leaving and offered his resignation on Tuesday, I thought it was right to consider that. On Thursday I concluded that it was right for him to go.”

And, when asked specifically whether he sacked Mr Watson, the Labour leader said: “Well I said it was right for him to go, yes.”

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