Thousands of jazz lovers basked in the sunshine as the UK’s first three-day jazz festival opened its gates this weekend.

More than 8,000 festival goers flocked to Glynde Place, Lewes, for Love Supreme on Saturday and Sunday to experience music by the likes of Jools Holland and Bryan Ferry and his rhythm and blues orchestra.

Ciro Romano, festival director, said: “It’s been amazing. It really has just exceeded our expectations in terms of performances, crowds and the general festival vibe.

“We’ve been so lucky with the weather – it just changes the whole dynamic of the weekend when the sun comes out.”

Mr Romano came up with the idea two years ago and from then on went about bringing the whole concept together.

He said: “I looked at the locations of other small festivals and I thought there was so little round here and I couldn’t understand it.

“The South East is quite an affluent and culturally rich place – the South Downs are amazing and Brighton is close by.”

The Argus:

More than 8,000 day ticket holders and campers flooded through the gates on Saturday with a repeat in the high numbers yesterday as well.

Matt Turner, 24, from Salisbury, said Love Supreme was very different to your normal festival.

He added: “It’s a lot more chilled out and friendly. I am a fan of jazz music and I knew a couple of the big names. Marcus Miller was really good and Courtney Pine were definitely high lights for me.

“The whole of the Big Top tent was jumping to Courtney’s songs and that’s not something you would probably expect with jazz music.”

Anna Robin, 25, travelled down from London for the festival and said the weekend had been perfect.

“The weather has been perfect and had such a different to the atmosphere here – much better than being in a rainy field, “she said.

“Everything has felt so relaxed and there are so many different people here, old, young, families with children.”

Mr Romano added: “The real aim was to have a great experience with greatmusic and that’s the feedback I’ve had from people.

“I hope this is something we can do again next year again for the South East – it’s just been fantastic.”