What causes so many people to moan about cyclists when there are far more dangerous people on our roads, about whom we hear very little?

I’m a pedestrian, cyclist, motorist and bus-user.

I feel most threatened when I’m on a bike, yet you wouldn’t think this judging by your letters pages.

The other day, I was cycling up New England Road in Brighton and a van overtook so close I was able to touch it.

Today, the same thing happened with a car, where the side of the car was almost under my handlebars. The driver had clearly never read the Highway Code.

Then, later on, at Fiveways, another car cut me up, forcing me to swerve out of the way.

Driving a metal box seems to turn people into bullies, whether they realise it or not.

No, I don’t like cyclists going fast on the pavements but, if cycling slowly and carefully, are they really a problem?

And, yes, if I was a nervous cyclist, I would probably cycle on the pavement around the Old Steine in the middle of town rather than compete with all those lanes of traffic (Letters, July 4).

Recently, I cycled along Bond Street, with pedestrians all over the road, sometimes blocking it.

Had that been 50 cyclists on the pavement, you would have been swamped with letters from angry pedestrians.

So my plea is, let’s have a bit more tolerance and balance.

Or is it just too easy to continually attack cyclists?

Chris Todd, Brighton and Hove Friends of the Earth