I find it annoying that our Green council has managed to make an issue out of cars versus bikes; both are important and necessary modes of transport.

I have friends who have both a bike and a car.

They use their bikes for some journeys and their cars for others.

One can’t realistically use a bike for every trip (weekly shopping, buying large DIY products and gardening equipment, going to the tip, etc, all spring to mind).

Bikes are fine for journeys of a reasonable length but would anyone really want a cycle journey of an hour to work and back home after a day of hard work?

I agree bikes can be dangerous; there are far too many riders who use pavements, cycle the wrong way up one-way streets, ignore traffic lights and speed along places such as the seafront with no thought for other people.

If car drivers do this they face fines and penalties. It should be the same for bike riders.

I have no problem with the new bike lanes as these do cater for cyclists and I think they were mostly paid for with money from the EU which couldn’t be used for other schemes.

It does seem the present Green council is anti-car and, therefore, anti-business.

There are now so many parking charges and restrictions in and around Brighton that the economy of the town, particularly of small businesses, must be suffering.

With any luck there will be a wake-up call for the Greens in tomorrow’s Hanover byelection.

Trevor Cromwell, Grantham Road, Brighton