A Rolling Stones covers band that missed out on a Glastonbury gig due to a booking mix-up will finally play the festival – thanks to The Argus.

Brighton-based The Railing Stains thought they were due to play the Worthy Farm event last month on the same night as the Stones.

But the booking was an elaborate mix-up, after Rabbit Hole stage boss made up the name – totally unaware that a real group of musicians called the Railing Stains existed.

Hamish Guerrini, who runs the Rabbit Hole stage, said: “We were having trouble finding someone to play on the same night as the Stones so I thought I’d make up a joke band.

“It wasn’t until a few days before when I was approached by someone from the BBC that I found out they were real.”

The mix-up led to the group being added to the festival’s bill as well as being included in the event official programme’s “top things to see” list. But the musicians never got passes to the festival.


Lead singer Bob Ward, of Patcham, said: “It would have been a huge gig for us. We were going to give the Stones a real run for their money.”

The venue was the talk of this year’s festival with guests including Prince Harry, Kate Moss and Alexa Chung.

Mr Ward only realised the band was on the line-up a few days before the festival when a reporter asked him about the gig.

But their efforts to get their passes went unanswered and they never made it to the festival.

After hearing of the band’s disappointment through The Argus, Mr Guerrini added: “When I found out we tried to get in touch, it would have been great to have them play.

But unfortunately it didn’t happen.

“As a way of making it up to them I would love to book them for next year on the Rabbit Hole stage.”

Mr Ward added: “We’re delighted to be booked for 2014, it’s going to be a fantastic gig.”

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