A film crew took to the skies to create scenes for their latest thriller.

Southdown Gliding Club in Storrington provided the glider for the cast and crew of A Dark Reflection, which is about an air traffic controller suspended after a serious incident.

His reporter wife then uncovers a series of cover-ups.

Filming at Southdown focused on airline captain’s daughter Molly, played by 16-year-old Romina Hytten, from Storrington.

Despite never having been in a glider before, Romina managed to smile her way through 22 consecutive loops and countless rolls with experienced pilot Guy Westgate.

The Argus:

Filming of the sequences was captured by a specialist Twin Squirrel helicopter with a giant stabilised camera bubble on its nose and a film crew on board.

The film, being shot over nine weeks, stars Georgina Sutcliffe, Marina Sirtis and former Coronation Street actor Bill Ward.

The Argus:

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