A family's peaceful sunny lunchtime was shattered when the patio table they had bought six weeks ago disintigrated in the heat.

Karen Easdown had to pull her 11-month-old granddaughter away from flying shards of glass as they were having lunch in their back garden.

The 45-year-old, from St Cuthman’s Close in Brighton, said the family were shocked by the incident and demanded Asda recall the product.

However the supermarket giant said the incident was the first complaint regarding the product and could have been caused by a crack in the safety glass of the table.

The family bought the table from Asda in Brighton Marina for £120 six weeks ago.

Peter and Karen Easdown, two friends and granddaughter Indi- Rae were sitting around the table in the back garden at about 1pm yesterday afternoon when they heard the table crackling it before exploded into tiny parts.

Mr Easdown, 46, said: “If the heat is the cause then that’s probably a fault with hundreds of them.

“They should be recalling them.”

Mrs Easdown added: “Our granddaughter likes to crawl under the table and walk around it so it could have been much worse.”

An Asda spokeswoman said it only used toughened safety glass in garden furniture and scratches to safety glass can mean that it shatters when pressure is applied.

She said because of the shattering of the glass, it was not possible to establish whether the table had been damaged.

She added: “We apologise to the customer and have offered a full refund or replacement.”

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