It’s a shame there were difficulties between “a driver”, “a pedestrian” and “a cyclist” on Ship Street recently (Letters, July 13).

The labels are unhelpful because many of us drive, cycle and walk at different times – but the incident does highlight that when we drive we have the biggest responsibility, simply because cars are so dangerous.

That’s why it’s been heartening to see so many people complying with the 20mph speed limit in Brighton and Hove since the lower limits were introduced in April.

But there still seem to be lots of people intent on putting other road users at risk by driving much too fast.

Fortunately, it’s possible to do something about it.

The other day a white BMW sped towards me on a residential street and I pointed at the new 20 signs painted on the road to suggest he slow down. Instead of slowing down, he took his hand off the wheel to make a one-fingered gesture at me.

In the past I might have shrugged and assumed that was that but these days I carry a mobile phone, so I took a note of his registration number and filed a report on Sussex Police’s Operation Crackdown website once I got home.

A small time cost to me, certainly, but if the price of freedom from dangerous speeding vehicles is a bit of vigilance like this using available technology, it feels like a price worth paying.

Chris Murgatroyd, York Avenue, Hove