A cycling coach is pleading for Brighton residents to solve the mystery of how he travelled two miles across the city during a terrifying blackout.

Graeme Costa, who helped train Olympic heroes Chris Hoy, Jason Kenny and Laura Trott, needs help from passers-by to tell him what he did during an unexplained 90-minute gap in his memory.

Brighton-born Mr Costa says the mystery of how he got across the city without any memory of doing so as like being in a crime novel.

The 47-year-old was walking down Dyke Road, Brighton, on June 14 at about 1.40pm on his way to meet friends for a picnic in Preston Park.

His last memory is turning onto The Drove.

The next thing he remembers is talking to paramedics in Middle Street, Brighton, at 3.15pm.

Builders working in the street called an ambulance after seeing Mr Costa lying in the street.

He was taken to the Royal Sussex County Hospital, Brighton, where he stayed for two days and is still undergoing medical tests.

He suffered a fracture to the top of his skull but no other injuries.


The blackout has left Mr Costa – who does not drink, smoke or take drugs and is a physically fit, national level cyclist with no previous linked medical complaints – baffled.

He said: “I had no intention of going to Middle Street.

“I can picture moving from Woodruff Avenue, down Dyke Road and expecting to turn into The Drove to go down the hill but I don’t recall getting to the top of The Drove.

“You can’t be unconscious and walk across a main road safely, it just doesn’t happen.

“If the CCTV cameras can locate me in Middle Street you would think that all the other cameras would also find me in the 30 minutes leading up to that.

“Usually they can trace a pattern of movement but they haven’t been able to find me anywhere else.

“It could have been a mugging but nothing was missing except for a fleece I was wearing.

“It’s a very unusual set of circumstances.

There’s obviously an explanation but it’s beyond everybody at the moment.”

Anyone who can remember seeing Mr Costa on June 14 can contact him via Facebook