Will the pig has far from a boaring story.

Just like humans, it would appear pigs can also suffer from seasonal conditions.

A few weeks ago the farming team at Spring Barn Farm in Lewes noticed that, since his birth, their miniature pig Wilhelmina, known as ‘Will’, had been snuffling and sniffing on high pollen count days.

With the cure initially suggested as a joke, the team tried out herbal organic remedy Haymax and, to their surprise, found that it worked.

Will is one of quadruplets born to proud parents Bessie and Ben.

Mum Bessie is three and a half years old and has a sister, Porkie. She is one of the most popular animals for visitors to Spring Barn Farm.

Owner Louise Possegger said: “At first I thought I was imagining it, but then started to monitor Will more closely.

“Lou our shop manager suggested we try the organic hayfever remedy she stocks in the shop as a joke initially but we are so glad we tried it.

“Will is now happier than ever playing with her three sisters.” Spring Barn Farm comprises a children’s farm, campsite, restaurant and farm shop.

Visitors can join in plenty of farmyard fun and adventure from go-karting to an indoor play area.

While Will may be wishing the sunshine would fade, this seal on Worthing beach, above, was soaking up some rays.

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