A pensioner who donned a bikini top to sunbathe in her garden was contacted by police after neighbours complained.

Euphemia Holdingbarnes, 70, was strolling in her paddock at her home in Fulking, West Sussex, wearing a bikini top and long skirt on Tuesday - when temperatures reached the mid-twenties.

But a neighbour decided her outfit was inappropriate - and reported her to the police.

She said: “I was walking the boundary as you have to do with a paddock.

“My neighbour called the police for being indecently clothed - I have been reported for being in a bikini top on my own land.

“I was only wearing a bikini top and a long skirt down to my ankles.

“I was having a lovely time and then got a call from a police officer.

“I just thought it was so ridiculous. Indecently attired in a bikini - I mean, what next?”

Hot weather

She said disagreements with neighbours have continued for about two years - but had hit a new low with this week's complaint.

Ms Holdingbarnes said: “There have been a big long list of things which have happened.

“But to actually report me to the police for wearing a bikini top, I mean, good lord.

“It's such a bizarre thing to do, especially considering we have been having such hot weather.”

The 19-day heatwave - the longest since 1997 - ended on Monday when temperatures peaked below 28 degrees for the first time.

A Sussex Police spokesman said: “We received a call from a neighbour on Wednesday 24 July, complaining that a woman who lives in Fulking was dressed inappropriately.

“We had cause to call the woman referred to on other matters and mentioned to her that the call had been received.

“However there is no suggestion that the woman has committed any criminal offence and police are taking no action.”

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