Well done The Argus in obtaining responses from the utility companies on their use of signs which instruct cyclists to dismount when there is no need (July 22).

Although these signs may fulfil the companies’ understanding of health and safety and other important regulations, they demonstrate the lack of planning for cyclists around roadworks. Alternative cycle routes are never marked.

It’s as though cyclists are supposed to just disappear, for instance, southbound on the A23.

Dismount signs are only advisory and do not oblige cyclists to get off their bikes but they create an added hazard by making cyclists uncertain about whether they can carry on and, most dangerously, by giving motorists the idea that cyclists will or should get off.

Cyclists, like anyone else, want to continue their journey but, because of these signs, some drivers feel justified in giving cyclists less room at this crucial point.

Better signage could advise drivers to be prepared to give way as the road narrows or where the cycle lane is dug up so cyclists’ movements on to the road are anticipated.

We will lobby national and regional highway authorities and utilities committees to revise their guidance so as to reduce the impact of roadworks on cyclists.

Becky Reynolds, Bricycles