Play equipment at a newly refurbished park has been closed off to the public after three children were reportedly injured playing on it just weeks after it opened.

A giant seesaw at The Level in Brighton has been cordoned off as Brighton and Hove City Council investigate reports of children suffering injuries on the new playground which opened a fortnight ago.

Brighton mother Tammie Lindsay said her daughter, Isabelle Moss, has had her summer holiday ruined after breaking her leg on the equipment last week.

The six-year-old was playing on the seesaw with her three-year-old twin brothers Callum and Kye on Thursday when she slipped and had her leg crushed underneath the wooden equipment.

Little Isabelle is now having to sleep downstairs because getting upstairs is too difficult for her and her family are considering selling her mid-height bed because it’s too high for her to get into.

The youngster will have her leg in plaster all summer and faces the gruesome prospect of having her leg re-broken this week to set it properly.

Miss Lindsay, from Horton Road in Brighton, said staff at the park said her daughter was the third youngster to be injured at the park since it reopened following a £2.2million makeover.

She said: “Izzy was on one side of the seesaw with another girl and the twins were on the other side and she started walking to the middle to make the seesaw move.

“As she was walking along she slipped, went under it and it crushed her leg. She screamed so high, it didn’t even sound like her.”

Miss Lindsay said she went back to The Level the next day to find children running all over the equipment and staff only took action once she raised a complaint.

She said: “Her summer is ruined.

“Now it’s not fair if we take the twins out and leave Izzy and it’s not fair on the twins if we don’t do anything because of Izzy’s injuries.”

A Brighton and Hove City Council spokeswoman said no accidents had been officially reported but a member of staff had been made aware a child was taken to hospital after visiting the playground.

The spokeswoman said the seesaw had been designed to meet new European safety standards and was inspected by a qualified in-house inspector on Friday afternoon.

She added: “Due to the high level of usage that the Level play area is currently experiencing we have decided to temporarily fence off the item while we investigate the accident further.”

Any resident whose child has been injured at the park is asked to contact 01273 292929 or visit