The Sussex water supply is under “serious stress”, according to The Argus (August 13).

How can this be? Ewe Bottom (Horsdean), a basin created by the construction of the A27 Brighton bypass, is situated directly over a major abstraction tunnel leading to Patcham Pumping Station and drawing water from a surrounding aquifer. Such is its vulnerability to pollution that it is designated as being in an inner source protection zone.

Despite this, the council, in its wisdom, used the land as a traveller transit site.

Both this and the proposed permanent site, planned for the same area, fall under building regulations with respect to sanitation as laid down under local planning policy.

Given the level of stress already imposed on the water supply, is it not odd that a site which could average 120 occupants has a cesspool capacity of, as I understand, 18,000 litres? This is the legal requirement for just two people.

How does our authority reconcile this apparent disparity?

Dr JW Rhodes, Larkfield Way, Brighton