An airline is taking the idea of a lunch break to dizzying new heights.

British Airways yesterday set up camp on Hove seafront for a six-day beachside event that runs through the bank holiday weekend.

The centrepiece attraction is an innovative ‘Dine in the Sky’ experience, featuring lunch or dinner 100ft above the skies of the city.

The attraction is a table serving 15 people who are strapped into airline seats and hoisted 100ft in the air where they are treated to a fine-dining experience from a kitchen in the sky.

The dizzy-dining trips will be themed around different BA destinations available to fly to from Gatwick, starting with Italy yesterday, St Lucia today, then Lanzarote, Morocco, St Kitts and finally Mexico.

As part of the event, uniformed BA ambassadors will be dishing out special sticks of British Airways rock, which will give 4,000 lucky winners entry to the event on Hove Lawns.

The Argus:

Each meal lasts 40 minutes and includes a glass of champagne.

I was lucky enough to enjoy lunch above the city yesterday.

Dining 100ft above Hove makes a change from your standard lunch break and it was brilliant.

You have great views of Brighton and Hove up there and can see for miles.

The sun was shining and the sea glistening – it really was a once-in-a-lifetime experience.

The Argus:

Special golden tickets will be hidden in the British Airways rock, with winners given the chance to have their own dining experience above Brighton and Hove.

Keep your eyes peeled over the coming days for your chance to grab one of the lucky sticks of rock from the BA ambassadors along Hove Lawns on the seafront.

The Argus:

The task of trying to find a parking space near Hove Lawns was overshadowed by the glaring presence of a massive crane that hoisted our dining table 100ft above the seafront.

Sky high dining

To say I was feeling apprehensive about munching my lunch in the sky – strapped into a roller-coaster style chair – would be an understatement.

But once I gathered my courage and rediscovered my appetite, I was strapped into my dining table ‘chair’ at the plush table.

After a health and safety briefing, we soon started to rise above the seafront watched by a gathering crowd below.

Slowly but surely we rose into the sky to begin our lunch with a difference.

The views were incredible and, with the sun shining brightly, an amazing once-in-a-life-time view of Brighton and
Hove unfolded.

Lunch was a delicious chicken breast with creamy mushroom risotto. But picking out some of the city’s most famous landmarks, including the Royal Pavilion, the West Pier and the Brighton Wheel, proved the real cream of the crop as far as a lunch break went.

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