1 - From the lay-by or bus stop, adjacent to the Pear Tree Cottage lay-by, walk west using the grass roadside verge (field-side walking possible dependent on crop conditions) for a quarter-of-a-mile and locate the footpath sign, opposite Wenham Farm Cottages.

Turn left down the driveway and in a few yards, divert left through double gates (yellow arrow) and bear right beside farm machinery. Head south on the path, coming to and crossing a bridge above the fast-flowing River Rother.

From the bridge take a half-right line for 100 yards in the low-lying meadow, crossing a stile beside a signpost and climbing to a metal gate. Continue up the right field edge on Wenham Common to the top right corner. Cross a stile, with the isolated house at Oldcroft on the left, and pass through a stone-lined cutting. The raised embankments once carried the railway line that linked Midhurst with Petersfield; it was closed in 1955.

2 - Climb the surfaced driveway ahead and turn right for 300 yards, turning left, beside a three-way path sign, into woodland. When confronted by a chestnut-paling fence, the path takes left and right turns to then turn right, finally climbing a sandy slope.

This part of the walk varies from that shown on the OS Explorer map due to the adjacent sand quarry workings.

The path takes a southerly direction along cleared hillside, passing a point where the extensive excavations can be seen on the right. In a short distance the re-routed path turns left, down the hillside to a junction of gates and farm tracks. Turn right along the wide track, heading towards buildings at Down Park Farm, distinguished by a tall grain silo.

3 - From the farm site, turn right for about 75 yards and then left over a stile into a small meadow. Walk along the left hedgeline, crossing footbridges and stiles and in the next meadow descend half-right, passing beneath power lines to gates at the bottom.

Maintain direction in the next field, towards a double stile and plank bridge that is about 75 yards from the right corner. Cross and turn right, going over stiles and a plank bridge in 50 yards and continuing along the right field edge, to a minor road.

Turn left up a verge to a road junction, passing a narrow strip of trees, known as Tom Rokes Row, and take the left fork. Climb the quiet road to arrive in 300 yards beside houses and a road junction at the edge of West Harting.

4 - Walk ahead a few paces, taking a left turn, signed for Upperton. Go right and then left when at Hill Ash Farm. In 200 yards, still on the minor road, ignore a left footpath, keeping right on the surfaced drive to the remote community of Upperton.

Beside the last of the houses, where the metalled surface finishes, turn right onto the descending, sunken and tree-lined rough track. After passing Little Copse, climb to the roadside.

Cross, climbing the opposite bank to a field edge and heading for the bottom right corner. Pass between trees, cross a bridge, above a stream, and follow a steep path, quarter-left, up the hillside to the roadside.

5 - Turn right up the road and in 400 yards, turn left onto a footpath just before a right bend. Follow a pleasant hilltop path, enclosed by trees and scrub, for one-third-of-a-mile to a stile set above a steep descent.

The path northward follows a quarter-right line down the hillside, crosses a low-lying valley floor, then a footbridge and maintains direction, keeping to the right of Great Plantation. Keep the woodland on the left, bearing left to a stile at the field corner. Continue to a further stile and footbridge, leading to yet another stile beside an open barn.

Cross a track to a stile, a few paces left, and the way ahead now traverses a succession of three meadows on trodden paths, passing through scrub and crossing stiles and plank bridges, finally going left between houses, to the roadside in Nyewood.

6 - Turn left along the street for 250 yards and when opposite a green on the left, and between a phone box and bus shelter, locate an obscured footpath sign on the right and turn right down a driveway.

In 150 yards, turn left in “Severals” woodland and in 100 yards turn right descending to cross a stream and climb to the opposite side of the field ahead.

At the left corner pass through a gate, going left along an embankment between drainage ditches. At the end of the bank, go left for 30 yards, crossing a stile and plank bridge on the right.

Continue along the right edge of the next field for one-third-of-a-mile to a three-way sign, turn right through an opening and follow the field path to a gate at the far left corner.

Follow the track ahead, passing the houses close to Down Park Farm, turning left beside farm buildings towards the distinctive grain silo.

7 - Turn right on the wide track, used earlier, to the junction of tracks and gates, at the bottom of the slope descending from the sand quarry.

Do not take either the left or right paths, follow the right fenceline ahead for about 200 yards, crossing a stile on the right at the edge of woodland.

Turn left up the field edge, going left through a kissing gate at the top corner. Walk ahead for a few yards, turning right down the slope towards the former railway embankment cutting. From this point, follow our outward route, down the left fenceline into the meadow. Go half-right to the bridge over the Rother and climb towards the roadside. Turn right, following the verge back to our starting point.

Distance/Time: Seven and a half miles, allow four hours

By Car: Car parking at Pear Tree Cottage lay-by on A272 (south side), three-quarters of a mile west of Rogate. Start point GR SU796236

By Public Transport: Bus 62 from Midhurst to Petersfield along the A272, stopping at Pear Tree lay-by, bus may stop by request at Wenham Farm Cottages, check with driver. Bus connections to Midhurst from Chichester. Check for bus times. For travel details visit www.traveline.info or call 0871 2002233

What’s underfoot: Western Weald walking, undulating, isolated countryside with some steep climbs, plenty of stiles and hidden marker posts. Possible with a baby backpack but a tough route. Not possible with an off-road baby buggy

Thirsty Work: Tea shop at Durleighmarsh Farm, a quarter of a mile west of Wenham Farm Cottages, or The White Horse Inn at Rogate

So you don’t get lost: OS Explorer Map 133 plus a compass for general direction

Click here for a full-sized map of the Durleighmarsh walk