This paddling pony was left with a long face after it stumbled into a luxury swimming pool.

RSPCA officers had to rescue the fourlegged swimmer after it was found wallowing helplessly behind a house in Chichester.

The stray pony had wandered into the back garden and plunged through the pool’s hard cover.

Firefighters then pumped the pool dry before leading the sodden animal up the steps to safety.

RSPCA animal welfare officer Marie Stevens said the pony was in a stable condition after its watery adventure.

Rescuers are puzzled as to where the pony came from and the RSPCA is appealing for the animal’s owner.

Ms Stevens said: “I arrived just after the fire brigade at 7.30am to find the black and white pony up to his neck in the shallow end of the pool.

“A fire officer went into the water with a harness for the pony and held him as the cover was removed.

“We had a vet on standby just in case.”

The Argus:

The RSPCA has made arrangements for the pony’s short term care. If you own the pony, call 0300 123 8018 and leave a message for Marie Stevens.

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