It beggars belief the article I read in last Saturday’s Argus with regard to cyclists being fitted with cameras to spy on motorists who commit offences.

What about motorists’ vehicles being fitted with cameras to spy on cyclists who commit offences – not only on the road but the pavement as well?

I have been driving a car for more than 50 years but during this summer have had continued confrontations with cyclists who ignore traffic lights, give way signs and pedestrian crossings; weave in and out of moving traffic; pull up on the left of my car when I have signalled that I am turning left; fail to signal and just pull out to overtake parked vehicles. All of this is done without any consideration to other road users.

If I say anything to them I am just given a load of abuse.

What action are the police taking against cyclists who flaunt the law? It appears none, and yet the police are quick enough to pull up motorists (quite rightly I would state) who are caught speeding, failing to adhere to traffic lights and other road signs or not wearing a seatbelt.

Apart from the above, I would suggest most cyclists do not have any insurance in place and therefore, if they injure a third party or damage a third party’s vehicle, the injured party would most likely have no recourse to reclaim damages.

Something needs to be done and done now, as at the moment it is a serious accident waiting to happen.

I would add to those who consider I am “anti-cyclist”, I rode both a bicycle and motorcycle for many years when I lived in London.

DW Ketteridge, Hollingbury Rise, Brighton