As a cycle-cammer myself, I have to correct DW Ketteridge’s view that cyclists are out to spy on people and would be unhappy for bad cycling to be highlighted (Letters, August 30).

We actively encourage all road users to look at using cameras. In Russia and Asia they are used very effectively for insurance measures.

Cyclists use cameras because the road is not the co-operative place it should be. Myself and many others are happy for bad cycling to be recorded and highlighted as long as it is genuinely bad cycling. For that we need to know, not just the motoring rules and laws, but those pertaining to cyclists’ responsibilities and rights.

On cycling insurance, I have to correct DW Ketteridge – more than 70,000 CTC members, 90,000 British Cycling members and thousands of other club riders are insured. There is no legal compulsion as there is still little risk posed – statistically reflected in the fact that policies cost pennies.

The police do tackle bad cycling; hundreds of riders in the South are fined, some even taken to court.

All roadusers should be able to read the road ahead, see a parked car and realise a cyclist will have to navigate around it. What’s wrong with waiting a few seconds?

D Cook, Southampton, Hampshire