I’m putting together the Gunn family tree and am looking for any relatives of my late grandfather, William Arthur Gunn, born 1930. He married Dorothy Margaret Brown in 1951.

Along with his brother Frederick (born in 1933), both drowned off the coast of Brighton in 1966. They were two of five brothers: Frank Gunn, born in 1935; Victor Gunn, born in 1937 and John J Gunn, born in 1949. There were also two sisters: Kathleen Gunn, born in 1940, and Lillian Gunn, born in 1946.

They may have worked on the Palace Pier in Brighton in the 1960s. Their parents were Arthur Gunn and Kathleen Ivy Rose Gunn (formerly Shelley). They lived in William Street, Brighton, in 1930.

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