1 - From the drop-off point and bus stop beside the church in Capel, head north along The Street, passing the village hall. After 200 yards, cross left to an enclosed footpath between houses.

In a few yards, enter a field, turning right for 200 yards, crossing a stile on the right and resuming direction down to the left field corner. Cross a footbridge over Misbrooks, beside Ewekene’s Copse, continuing ahead on a footpath for 300 yards to Ryersh Lane.

Cross the lane to a stile, keeping direction, at first beside trees, then over open pasture to a stile and plank bridge close to Rugge Farm. Walk beside a railing fence towards farm buildings. From the buildings, turn right along a drive to Wigmore Lane. Continue ahead to the junction with Hoyle Hill, cross to the opposite pavement and turn left.

2 - Climb along the roadside, passing secluded houses and a hotel at Beare Green, continuing to where the busy A24 is off to the left. Turn right on to a footpath, coming to the village green.

Head across the green, making for a mid-point along the opposite side, beside Newdigate Road. Cross the road with care, locating the opposite bridleway leading to a gate, to the right of an ancient cottage.

Pass into the next field, walking along the left edge, keeping direction across three fields and coming to a horse track. Cross the track on to the rising, enclosed bridleway, crossing gallops, bearing left a few paces and then right on to a footpath at Henfold, coming to driveways, with farm buildings to the right.

3 - Walk ahead a few yards, turning left through a paddock gate and take a half-right line across the field for 250 yards, to a gate in the tree line. Pass between the narrow stand of trees to a sloping meadow, with a small plantation a short distance ahead, slightly right, and views to the North Downs.

Walk ahead, keeping left of the plantation, then bear half-right down the hillside to cross a hedgerow stile. Cross a footbridge, bearing left, cross a second bridge and go right into a meadow. Walk to the far right field corner, turning right through an opening and along a hedgeline for 100 yards, then crossing left into a paddock. Resume direction along the right edge of the enclosure to the roadside at Stockrydons.

4 - Turn left along the road for 75 yards and turn right on to a footpath. In 150 yards, turn left into woodland on a path that passes a beehive enclosure. After nearly 400 yards, the path comes to a stile beside a service road. Cross to the opposite side, heading for an unsigned stile in a railing fence leading into a paddock.

Follow an indistinct path, keeping right, and at the far side cross a stile in hedgerow. Turn right along a farm track and in a few yards, with the farmhouse at Swires Farm on the right, cross a stile in the left hedge. Go right for a few paces, turning left along the field edge, passing among trees and scrub and along the edge of a meadow for about 400 yards.

Cross a stile and turn right for a few yards before resuming a northward direction and arriving by the entrance to a water treatment site.

5 - Walk left to security gates, turning right on a footpath that arrives beside a railway bridge in 350 yards. Go left beneath the bridge, bearing right on to Brimstone Lane. In 300 yards, the surfaced lane changes to a rural bridleway, keeping direction through woodland and beside paddocks for half a mile.

On coming to Red Lane, turn right for 150 yards and when beside a railway bridge cross left, descending to the trackside footpath. The path climbs the slope ahead, ignores a right turn over a bridge, passes across the top of the low hill to descend to a right field corner, there turning left for 100 yards to a stile and path junction.

Cross right into the next meadow, walking down the right hedgeline to a stile, go over a footbridge (yellow arrow) through scrub, arriving beside Scammells Farm. Turn right beneath a railway bridge, then bear left through an opening, along a hedgeline to a metal kissing gate and minor road.

6 - Turn left towards a bridge and at the far side go right on to a footpath, bearing right, beside Tanner’s Brook. Go through a field gate, near Bushbury Farm, bearing left, towards the left corner of an enclosure. Follow the left edges of five fields for nearly three-quarters of a mile to Pondtail Farm, ignoring any turnings on the way.

From the farm, keep direction in the next field for 300 yards to a corner, crossing on to the Coach Road.

Turn left, passing a golf course and clubhouse, descending right on an approach drive, leading to the A25 Reigate Road. Cross with care to the opposite road, beside a garden centre, walking to and crossing Box Hill Bridge, above the River Mole.

Climb the wide track ahead to Boxhill Road, continuing upwards beneath a railway bridge to a fork in road, after a further 350 yards. Take a left path turning (National Trust marker post) for about 75 yards, go through a kissing gate and in a few yards bear right on to the steeper Boxhill Hike path. The climb crosses the North Downs scarp face, ignore a third NT post, keeping direction to a path junction close to Swiss Cottage.

Turn right to clear the trees and head for the viewing platform. There, you knew it would be worth it. Stunning views across the Weald to the distant South Downs – Chanctonbury Ring, Truleigh Hill and Devil’s Dyke. Now head for the teashop.

  • Distance/Time: Seven and three-quarter miles, taking four and a quarter hours
  • By Car: On-street parking and drop-off in Capel village. Pick-up at Boxhill NT car park. Start point GR TQ176407
  • By Public Transport: Stagecoach No. 17 bus from Brighton to Horsham, connection with Metrobus 93 to Capel. From Box Hill for return to Capel/ Horsham follow Stepping Stones walk to base of Box Hill, cross steps, walking ahead to bus stop beside the A24 London Road, catch Quality Line 465 to Dorking, change to Metrobus 93 for Horsham and onward travel by train or bus. (Last No.17 bus from Horsham at 5.47pm.) All of the walks on this south/north traverse can be accessed by public transport. For travel details and times, visit www.traveline.info or call 0871 2002233
  • What’s underfoot: Wealden walking on footpaths and bridleways, with stiles and gates and a steep climb up Box Hill. Poor signage on this walk, a map is essential. Not possible with a baby backpack or an off-road baby buggy
  • Thirsty Work: Pub and shop at Capel and a National Trust Tearoom at Box Hill
  • So you don’t get lost: OS Explorer Map 146 is essential, plus a compass for general direction

Click here for a full-sized map of the Capel to Box Hill walk