A householder received a ticking off from town hall officials after repainting a faded “no parking” line outside his property.

David Tamplin thought he was doing Brighton and Hove City Council a favour by touching up the faded 15 metre line outside his property.

But council bosses have said they’ll have to burn off the markings and do the work themselves – before sending him the bill of up to £200.

And despite using a £45 pot of industrial- standard paint to carry out the work, the local authority said Mr Tamplin was in the wrong.


Officials have now sent him a letter telling him he will have to remove it and pay £10 per metre for it to be replaced.

In addition to £30 for the two markings at the end and VAT, Mr Tamplin fears the total bill could reach up to £200.

Mr Tamplin, of Honey Croft in Hangleton, Hove, said: “It’s so so petty.

“If I had done something really wrong then I could understand it.

“I was originally going to do it in white gloss but I thought better not as you never know what could happen.

“It looks like any other white line in the road, you can’t tell the difference.”

The local authority admitted the issue sounded trivial but said it was responding to a complaint from a neighbour.

A council spokeswoman added that it was part of a wider investigation which included claims a section of kerb outside the property had been removed.

But Hove MP Mike Weatherley said: “If the line is the right shape and colour then leave it as it is.

“When the council’s road marking todo- list is already so long, this simply is not worth council time or effort.”

A council spokeswoman said: “We are waiting for a response from the resident who is alleged to have painted a white line and removed a section of the kerb outside their property.

“The issue of the white line on facevalue sounds trivial but we do have a duty to investigate all reasonable complaints put to us for which we have responsibility.

“The white line the resident has painted across their driveway wasn’t applied for and was marked out incorrectly and illegally.

“Nearby neighbours in the cul-de-sac have expressed concern that the unauthorised works are causing parking problems and this is the context of the issue.”