I support the 20mph speed limits in Brighton and Hove and I think I’m in the majority.

Most of my friends are cyclists or enjoy walking through town. Most of my friends don’t own cars or choose not to drive them in the city centre. Brighton and Hove streets are for people, not cars.

Car driving should not be a priority in a densely populated area such as Brighton and Hove.

I’d like to see people deciding not to drive into town because it’s easier not too, safer for people and the environment, more pleasant to walk or cycle and because the buses are quick and reliable.

Any significant shift in the culture of transport use is bound to stir some feelings among those who are affected most.

I am amazed with the progress of the Greens in Brighton and Hove and their cycling initiatives in Lewes Road, Old Shoreham Road and North Laine, and can’t wait to see what comes next.

Studies show that a 20mph limit reduces car emissions, pollution, traffic noise, accidents and makes for a smoother traffic flow.

I can’t see anything wrong with driving slower except busy people not giving themselves enough time to get where they want.

Nathan Catt, Cambridge Road, Hove

I was deeply disappointed to see an advert which was basically attacking the excellent Green initiative of a 20mph speed limit.

I cannot understand how anyone can be against having safer roads and less pollution.

A major survey found that one of children’s biggest fears is cars.

If parents know and people enact the 20mph speed limit, this not only helps allay those fears but also reduces injury and death on the roads. So what’s not to like?

I’d be grateful if you could desist from publishing any more of these adverts.

Alison Plaumer, Brighton

I was disappointed with the anti-20mph advert in The Argus.

The information given is incorrect and reactionary propaganda.

Having a pretty illustration showing an outdated 1950s Utopian dream, where roads are free-flowing and non-motorised users do not exist, is misleading and dangerous.

In our city, 20mph zones will mean more people being alive to enjoy Christmas this year.

Please can we see no more of this regressive nonsense.

Guy B Roebuck, St Aubyns, Hove

“Council declares war on city motorists,” says the advert.

And about time too, was my thought about the thrust of this advert.

Brighton, along with many of our fine cities, has long been held captive by motor vehicles to the great detriment of public spaces. The motor vehicle has made a complete mess of our environment.

So, more power to the council, and let’s have no more of these grossly misleading adverts in your esteemed publication, please.

Mike Croker, High Beech, Bramber

The advert headlined “Council declares war on city motorists” contains several fundamental false claims.

The advert is anonymous and distorts the important debate about the role of speed restrictions and road safety the council is having with residents.

This comes amid wide, ongoing consultation over proposals to extend the 20mph speed limits in the city to improve road safety.

The advert cites unnamed “legal experts” as saying there is “no evidence to suggest measures reduce accidents”.

Not only are councils urged to consider 20mph speed limits by Government guidance because of clear evidence that it reduces accidents but the proposals stem from requests by residents themselves.

There is overwhelming evidence from respected bodies to show that lower speed limits reduce both the number of collisions but also the severity of injuries.

The Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents estimates a pedestrian has a 90% chance of surviving being hit by a car at 20mph, falling to 50% at 30mph and 10% at 40mph.

The Department for Transport indicates that a reduction of 6% of casualties can be achieved for each 1mph reduction in average speed. This data has been gathered from locations throughout the country where 20mph speed limits have been introduced.

All this evidence is freely available online and residents can find out more and make their own minds up. They are also invited to give their views here: www.brighton-hove.gov.uk/20mph.

The advert also incorrectly claims that Brighton and Hove took “no notice” of Portsmouth City Council’s evaluation of its 20mph limit. We have assessed evidence of many city councils’ experiences of speed restrictions, including Portsmouth, and continue to do so.

Councillor Ian Davey, Green, deputy leader and lead member for transport, Brighton and Hove City Council