I agree with Mr P Gordon (Letters, September 10 ) that we don’t really need speed humps in Shirley Drive, Hove, or elsewhere.

They’re not only unpopular with car drivers but also with cyclists and bus drivers, and even more so with their passengers.

But what I can’t fathom out is why Mr Gordon thinks a couple of somewhat narrow cycle lanes and 20mph speed limits have “destroyed the once beautiful Drive”, especially as the introduction of 20mph zones potentially allows the removal of speed humps.

The Drive and roads such as First and Second Avenue were once beautiful and spacious, as I remember before I left Hove in the early 1970s.

When I returned in the early 1990s, I was dismayed to see that the whole of the centre part of these, and the other avenues, had been turned into unsightly car parks.

The Corporation planners of the past had a much grander vision of what their wide roads and environment would look like but the Hove and, subsequently, Brighton and Hove, councils had none of this.

Mr Gordon quotes Eric Pickles, who is trying to promote car use (for whatever personal and political reasons), but the fact is that car use is falling and we should look again at how we want our roads to look like and how they should be used. Compared with the 1970s, “Grand” Avenue is anything but. It may be a hard choice but for Mr Gordon’s vision of a “beautiful Drive”, we’ll have to get rid of the car.

Adam Pride, Bricycles, Brighton and Hove Cycling Campaign