Drinkers are raising their glasses to the arrival of the county’s first micropub in Worthing.

The Anchored micropub in West Buildings opened to the public on August 23 and boasts a “back to basics” approach to drinking.

Landlord Nigel Watson, 56, described a micropub as a one-room pub with no music, no gaming machines or pool tables, no food and not even a bar.

Anchored stocks drinks from around 40 local brewers, eight cider makers and a handful of locally-sourced wine makers and, according to Mr Watson, doesn’t have the distractions of a modern pub.

He said: “The idea started in Kent. I paid a visit to the first ever micropub in Herne and got speaking to the guy who first thought of the idea.

“It’s a simple, real-ale drinking pub and is all about bringing it back to basics and meeting new people.

“When you come in, you’re almost bound to end up in a conversation with other people because it’s so small and intimate.

“As well as that, I like to think I’m supporting the local economy by only stocking local beverages and our carbon footprint is heavily reduced too. We’re not ordering from abroad or from right across the country.”

Mr Watson holds a three-year lease on the building and is currently permitted opening hours of noon to 2.30pm and 5pm to 8pm.

He is, however, applying for a licence change that will allow him to open until 9.30pm.

He added: “Despite the bad press, Worthing is full of life and especially during the summer. It would be great to be a part of that and welcome people in for a drink during the busier times. It was buzzing in the town during August for example.

“I’ve had a good reaction from people who have visited so far and am looking forward to meeting new people as we grow. I could have opened anywhere along the south coast, but Worthing had everything and is close to a lot of brewers and cider makers.”

Anchored can be found at 27 West Buildings, Worthing, BN11 3BS.