By Thomas Davies

Daily traffic jams continue to make negotiating Seven Dials roundabout a motorist's nightmare.

Extensive road works, temporary lights and an influx of new zebra crossings make driving through the area an irritating chore for drivers, buses and taxis alike.

The latest work sees the creation of a longer oval traffic island to replace the mini-roundabout.

Mikey Emiris, 28, from Kemp Town said: "I think the new roundabout is far too big and will cause more problems than it will solve.

"The zebra crossings are too close to the corners making it almost impossible for cars to slow down.

"I don't know how there hasn't yet been an accident."

Pedestrian safety was cited by the council as one reason for the changes, but many believe the tampering is having an adverse affect on the area.

Natalie Peters, 26, an office worker from Seven Dials added: "The whole system is frustrating.

"The roundabout has never worked, but the new plans are misguided.

"The zebra crossings are too far back so people won't use them properly. A bridge would have made more sense."

Brighton and Hove City Council has commited £625,000 to the project and believes the changes will improve safety and benefit all road users.

Deputy leader and former chairman of the authority's transport committee Ian Davey, said: “We apologise for any disruption caused but are confident that that once the works are complete people will appreciate the improvement."