After reading about the “fight for a car-friendly city” (The Argus, September 19), I am absolutely furious.

It seems that most of the feedback is from pedestrians or cyclists who, I might add, pay no tax or insurance to use the roads.

The roads would be much safer if individuals took responsibility for their own safety when crossing roads, looking both ways before crossing or keeping their children close by. It’s simple enough.

Why is it always the motorist who ends up being in the wrong?

Tina Green, Nevill Avenue, Hove

At last someone is ready to stand up to the Greens in Brighton and Hove.

Everyone I know thinks the 20mph scheme is a ridiculous idea, but then they all drive cars. Is that such a bad thing?

Things for the motorist are going from bad to worse. The council should concentrate on matters that most voters are concerned about, such as travellers, student rubbish and visitors to the city.

Time and time again we read letters in The Argus from people saying they are not coming back and will relay the message to others about the problems in our city.

It never used to be like this. I’m all for change but only if it makes things better, which it is not.

Mrs G Patrick, Bernard Road, Brighton