A mysterious green stream is being investigated as a potential pollution hazard, though the likely cause is green dye.

The fluorescent water, which appeared in a stream near the drilling site at Balcombe overnight, is being investigated by the Environment Agency (EA).

The stream is about 75 yards from the old Cuadrilla drilling site, which the energy firm vacated on Saturday.

An EA spokesman said the likely source of the eerie water is harmless green dye, but they will still carry out a full analysis by taking water samples.


Theories have already begun to come to the surface with anti-fracking campaigners wondering if it could even be the work of the pro-frackers.

A Cuadrilla spokeswoman said: “Yes we are aware and we are confident it has nothing to do with Cuadrilla.

“The EA are aware and will be testing the water and enquiries about this should be directed to the EA.”

An EA spokesman said: “Our officers visited the watercourse yesterday evening with the police to make an initial assessment, and samples have been taken for further analysis.