When I cycle in Brighton and Hove, drivers of motor vehicles are often at pains to overtake me at almost any cost. I am often cut-up and overtaken fast and close, which endangers my life.

Those drivers’ efforts are often wasted because I frequently reappear while they’re waiting at the next set of traffic lights.

A bit of speed moderation would help prevent drivers pointlessly and dangerously racing me and other cyclists from one junction to the next, where there is no gain.

20mph zones will help to improve the life chances for children, pedestrians, cyclists, vehicle passengers and drivers. Drivers will also have more time to observe the road.

Unite’s statement in The Argus on October 1 that “unnecessarily low speed limits may cause drivers to not take extra care and precautionary measures when passing locations such as schools, hospitals and pedestrian crossings” is not very complimentary to their driver members and sounds rather threatening.

The Unite union advert again promoted the incorrect idea that a “blanket” 20mph speed limit zone is being imposed by the council.

On the contrary, there is a long list of roads not being put forward for 20mph limits, such as Old Shoreham Road, Sackville Road, New Church Road, Dyke Road, Ditchling Road, Lewes Road, Freshfield Road and Wilson Avenue. Other roads were available for specific comment as part of the survey.

Bricycles strongly recommends traffic speed reduction across the board to reduce road danger and mitigate the effects of collisions that occur.

Becky Reynolds on behalf of Bricycles, the Brighton and Hove Cycling Campaign