Education secretary Michael Gove might feel slightly needled by this voodoo-style doll, created by former Brighton office worker Katrina Stiff from Brighton.

Costing £25 and taking three hours to sew, the crocheted creations have caused a stir online and are already selling fast - mostly to ticked-off teachers.

Since the last election Mr Gove has angered many in the profession with a series of strong-armed reforms.

So keen sewer Ms Stiff said it had “seemed sensible” to portray the politician with eight octopus tentacles instead of a body.

She said: “I literally sat up in bed one morning a couple of weeks ago with the words Tory Voodoo Dolls in my head.

“For me, sticking pins in Michael Gove is like a tiny act of rebellion, a bit like punching a pillow - but I'm no political commentator.”

On her website, a description of the doll reads: “The Michael Gove Voodoo Pincushion is crocheted by hand and mentally infused with mean thoughts about Michael Gove.

“He is made to order, in polyester yarn and aggressively stuffed with polyester fibrefill.”

The item also apparently doubles up as a “grotesque, tentacles acupuncture practice face”.

The listing has been liked by more than 21,000 people on Facebook.

But Ms Stiff, who sells her crocheted creations under the name Snorker's Imaginarium, may have had one extra-special buyer.

Yesterday she noticed a familiar name on the order sheet on her website - a Mr Michael A Gove.

She said: “If it's really him, means he must have a good sense of humour even if he's a terrible Education Secretary.”

Mr Gove's Westminster office was yesterday unable to confirm whether the politician had ordered a doll for himself.

Pincushion versions of other Tory cabinet ministers including David Cameron and George Osborne are in the pipeline, according to Ms Stiff.

She said: “Any other suggestions from your readers would be very welcome.”

To buy the pincushion visit or Ms Stiff's blog at