A father has warned he will defy a teachers’ strike and take his children to school on the day it closes.

Business leader Paul Yates-Smith said the only alternative was for Saltdean Primary School to compensate him for his lost income and childcare costs.

Mr Yates-Smith, of Brighton Business Bureau, said closures were costing the city thousands of pounds.

In a letter to the school he said: “I am afraid I am unable to support the closure of the school for your industrial action.

“I shall be bringing my children to school for them to receive the education that they are entitled too.

“I would also like to point out that as parents our time and income is severely affected by this action.

“If you are not able to staff the school adequately, it is only fair that you pay the same fine that you recently pointed out we as parents need to pay for unauthorised absences.

“Please notify me which entrance I should bring my children to on October 17 or where I should send the invoice for the fine your staff should incur for unauthorised absence.”

The school fines each parent £60 a day for any unauthorised pupil absences.

In a letter to parents addressing the strike action, head teacher Suzanne Morgan said the decision was taken to close the school following a risk assessment.

She wrote: “Teachers deeply regret the disruption caused by strike action.

“However, they feel they have no alternative other than to demonstrate the seriousness of their present concerns.”

Mr Yates-Smith added: “I’m fed up of getting just five days’ notice when teachers want to go on strike.

“Why can’t they arrange for supply teachers to come in?

“I’m not convinced the school has made any effort to ensure my children get an education on the day.”