As a weekly user of Lewes Road (with a sewing machine in my car, so our excellent bus service is not an option) my journey time has more than doubled.

I am sure Brighton and Hove’s councillors did not sit down with pencil and paper and design this scheme themselves.

They would have briefed professionals either employed by the council or outside consultants. If the brief was to facilitate bus and cycle journeys at the expense of cars and vans, they have succeeded.

For those who come to Brighton for leisure or work, and therefore contribute to the income of the city, the question is, was this brief Green Party anti-car dogma or did councillors genuinely believe it would increase the attractiveness and prosperity of the city?

I am sure voters will voice their opinion at the next opportunity.

Frances Lindsay-Hills, North Gardens, Brighton

The new cycle lane in Lewes Road was officially opened with great fanfare by the Greens’ Caroline Lucas and Jason Kitcat, and Lib Dem Norman Baker last week.

Thanks to the Greens, I have been driven out of the city I was born in and loved as I can neither afford the parking charges or the hell it takes just to get through town.

I have been forced to relocate my business out of Brighton and now work in West Sussex because I can’t exercise my basic, fundamental right: to go about my everyday business in the best, most cost-effective way. That is, unless these Greens expect builders, painters and electricians to get all their equipment on to already overcrowded and late buses?

They’ve made it impossible for everyday people to do their jobs.

S Philips, Franklin Road, Haywards Heath

I know, another letter about Lewes Road, but the one thing that puzzles me is that in the Highway Code it says it is an offence to cross an unbroken white line, so why is it that taxis can switch from one lane to another?

Also, after seeing two hearses caught up in traffic, the Greens have now made that saying come true: “You will be late for your own funeral.”

Raymond Metcalfe, Staplefield Drive, Brighton