If you’re worried your pet snake is sad, your lizard’s a bit low or your gecko’s on edge, a Brighton hands-on healer could have the solution.

Sonia Page launched her first Reptile Reiki sessions in Lewes this weekend where she practised the spiritual technique on reptiles to help them relax.

She said: “It’s a very calming experience for them. Animals are very back-to-basic instinctive creatures and letting positive energy flow through them lets them get back to basics.”

Sonia, who used to work with adults with learning disabilities, has now qualified as a reiki teacher and uses Steven Farmer’s Power Animal Oracle cards to engage with creatures’ spiritual natures.

Reiki practitioners believe they can transfer energy for self-healing and a state of equilibrium, and Sonia even practised reiki on her own pet tarantula while she was training.

Sonia, who owns two snakes and a gecko, said: “I’ve always had an interest in things of a spiritual nature and my love of animals led me to a teacher who introduced me to animal communication and healing.

“I’ve never looked back. I have shared reiki with both people and animals, including dogs, cats and horses.”

She is currently treating a dog with behavioural issues by distance reiki. She explained that the Staffie, a rescue dog, lives in a house with five other dogs and finds it hard to relax because of all the barking.

“The dog lives in South London and I live in Brighton so I transfer energy to him by distance,” said Sonia. “First, I ground myself, then I have a picture of him in front of me and use reiki messages to send energy to him. His owner says she can see him relax as it’s happening.”

She added: “Sharing reiki gives me a great deal of pleasure, bringing peace, calm and positivity to both my client and myself.”

Elsewhere in Sussex, pet owners can also find flower therapies for animals in Worthing and colour therapy healing for pets in Felpham Reptile Reiki by Sonia Page takes place every Sunday from 10am-2pm at Equilibrium Complementary Health Centre at 16 Station Street, Lewes. For details, call 01273 470955.