Becky Reynolds (The Argus, October 16) argues for a cycle lane on Hove Promenade on the grounds that cyclists like to be near the sea.

Fair enough, but there is another way this can be achieved without cost to ratepayers: get off their bikes and walk like everybody else.

Many cyclists, perhaps a minority but a large minority, ride with complete indifference to the safety of pedestrians.

For example, riding on pavements, crossing pedestrian crossings against red lights and riding the wrong way down George Street in Hove during pedestrian hours.

I am afraid cyclists simply cannot be trusted to safely share space with pedestrians and think this promenade, which actually means “a place for strolling” should be kept for the benefit of pedestrians.

Tony Clark, Poynter Road, Hove

As a born and bred Brightonian, I am shocked to see that cyclists seem to be getting so much special treatment and dedicated riding lanes.

I see them often ignoring red lights, weaving through rush hour traffic and using the cycle lanes as and when they desire. I think it is appalling that so much investment is being ploughed into looking after cyclists.

They have no insurance and their bikes are not licensed. What happens when a cyclist scratches a car weaving through traffic, ignoring traffic lights and cruising aimlessly down the middle of the road?

Visitors coming to Brighton do not arrive on bikes. They drive cars. These are the people Brighton needs to attract. Money-spenders. This will help local businesses.

Dan Terry, Tongdean Lane, Brighton