A man who was kicked after being tasered on the seafront has launched an official complaint against “excessive” police force.

Paul McClelland was arrested in King’s Road, Brighton, after shoplifting from Sainsbury’s in Western Road, Brighton.

Footage revealed by The Argus showed that the 37-year-old of SiIlwood Place, Brighton, was kicked in the back of the leg by an officer after he had been stunned.

An internal investigation by the force into the officer’s conduct ruled that its employee was in line with its policies.

But lawyers acting on behalf of Mr McClelland have now issued a formal complaint to the force claiming the force was “excessive and disproportionate”.

Sophie Khan, legal director of Police Action Centre, said: “The Police Action Centre have lodged a complaint on behalf of the man tasered by Sussex Police on July 5.

“The use of force was excessive and disproportionate as he did not pose an immediate risk to the officers at the scene or the wider public.

“The police officers failed to carry out their duties to a requisite standard necessary to safeguard the man’s welfare and as a result the man suffered injuries to his face and arms.”

Mr McClelland was charged with two counts of shoplifting, one count of common assault, one count of assault by beating and one count of resisting arrest after the incident.

One of the shoplifting charges and the assault by beating charge were later dropped.

Mr McClelland pleaded guilty to the remaining charges in Brighton Magistrates’ Court on September 5.

He received a six-month community service order.

However, his lawyers claim that the excessive force was carried out after he had given himself up for arrest and was walking backwards towards officers.

After the internal investigation was completed in August, Superintendent Steve Whitton, of Sussex Police, said: “The sweeping strike to the leg, a technique which is taught to all police officers as a tactic to achieve control, was used in this case because the suspect had not fallen to the ground after the Taser had been deployed.”

He added: “I appreciate that the circumstances of this arrest, carried out in a very public place, may have looked extremely dramatic and very physical, especially when viewed on video.

“However, officers are carefully trained to use the minimum force necessary to resolve a situation as quickly as possible, reducing the risk to the public, the person being arrested and the officers themselves.”

A police spokesman said: “No civil claim has been received in respect of this incident.

“A complaint was received by the force on Monday and will be investigated by the Professional Standards Department.”