In reply to Ric Hanmer, who complains about gridlocked traffic (Letters, October 26), I wonder, do you not consider yourself part of the problem?

Plotting the journey you described, along with alternative routes, using Google Maps, I can see your total distance was about five miles. This is no great marathon – in fact, myself and many others have ridden through hilly areas of that distance in about 25 minutes.

Traffic is not down to a “great Green city” but to drivers choosing to drive when they really should have used an alternative.

One person in a car is effectively a waste of road space, and travelling such a short distance it also places restrictions on drivers who do wish or need to travel a reasonable mileage.

May I suggest two wheels instead, be they pedalled or powered? Both will cut such a journey time to a fraction and both will save you a fortune in fuel.

D Cook, Southampton, Hampshire