Three cheers to Christina Summers for taking on the role of faith champion (The Argus, October 27).

No doubt she will receive rather thoughtless jibes from the many “bigots” against people of faith out there. I use the B-word, sadly, as she has already been labelled as such by a Green councillor on Twitter, as per your news report.

To clarify, her role is not to preach but to encourage and represent many who have faith and are involved in their community.

Too often people have half-baked, ill-informed ideas about religions and what motivates a person with faith. There is a large spectrum of positions, opinions and styles among faiths. They follow deep, personal convictions which should be respected if not agreed with.

I recall a meeting between faith reps and health service officials where there was an obvious incredulity among some that they should be taking the time, energy and money to be concerned about religious styles and beliefs.

I pointed out that faith membership was not just an intellectual position but touched on deep matters of identity and belonging and that respecting such things would help personal peace and wellbeing, and that this can only promote good health.

To call Christina Summers a bigot for her stance against gay marriage is unfair and disrespectful. She signed up to the Green pledge in favour of equality; she is not homophobic and supports tolerance and rights for gay people.

You can hold these views and believe, traditionally, that marriage is pair-bonding between opposite sexes intrinsically open to life. The Greens interpreted and redefined equality to include the concept of gay marriage at a later date. They moved the goal posts.

Fr Kevin O’Donnell, Horsham Avenue, Peacehaven