A Pagan priest is praying for a £1 million miracle.

David Spofforth, priest of Avalon, has called on the help of ancient Goddesses to reveal the holder of an unclaimed EuroMillions lottery ticket.

The winning ticket for the prize draw was bought in Brighton and Hove on July 26.

The self-styled Priest of Avalon priest conducted a 20-minute ceremony at St Ann’s Well in Hove, which is said to be the starting point of ley lines running across the South Downs.


He said it was the first time he had conducted the ritual, which included an invocation to Goddesses of the four classical elements – air, fire, water and earth.

He said: “It was a very enjoyable ceremony.

We have asked the Goddesses very nicely to help us find the winner.

“All we can do is put the message out there and hope that it is heard.

“The timing is very fortuitous.

“We are in the season of Samhain, the late autumn time of the final harvest and you could say this unclaimed prize is, in its own unique way, a harvest.

“I believe the Goddesses will see it this way and help to bring about a EuroMillions harvest in Brighton and Hove.

“Brighton has a strong pagan community and was the home of Doreen Valiente, the ‘mother of modern witchcraft’.

A National Lottery spokeswoman said: “This is certainly one of the more unusual approaches we have taken trying to unite a ticket-holder with a fortune, but with the city’s strong association to pagan beliefs, who knows, maybe this will be the jolt that is needed.

“Perhaps the Goddesses will see fit to bring the ticket to the fore, or it’s very possible that the lucky winner will hear of David’s ceremony and simply doublecheck an old ticket.”