I am studying the importance of the Bible during the First World War. I have come across a collection of letters written to a Mrs Lilian Hayman of Bournemouth from former members of her boys’ Bible classes in Brighton and Bournemouth. All were in the Army or Navy.

I would like to hear from anyone who knew Mrs Hayman’s family, or with knowledge of the following men, some of whom are from Brighton: Harold JA Little, Dr H Parsons, R Whitmarsh, TW John, Merlin Harris, L Holland, JH Leigh, V Leigh, George E Marshall, WF Roberts, Charles Thomas, Frank S White, Barrington Eady, Kenneth Eady, RE Davies, JH Garwood, Philip T Bryant, Tony “Chum” Hewitt, Fred Belsey, Albert Boreham, Ernest M Andrews, Tom Bassett, Jack Alderton, EH Thomas, JA Callum.

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