Sussex workers are considering strike action amid fears of redundancy.

Unite the Union has sent an email to staff at Legal & General asking if anyone would consider taking industrial action amid the threat of redundancy and plans to restructure the company.

L&G has offices in Brighton and Hove and employs about 1,500 people.

It has announced plans to slash nearly ten per cent of its national workforce, although it is not clear how many Sussex workers could be affected.

A whistleblower working at the company’s Hove office, who asked not to be named, said he did not know how many people were set to lose their jobs at the company’s Brighton and Hove offices but feared it could be hundreds.

He said: “On one hand they are talking about making us redundant and the other hand they are not telling us how many jobs are vulnerable.

“It is particularly rubbish. No one who works here knows exactly what is happening. We are all really upset. We want some clarity.”

Redundant The Unite letter suggesting strike action, seen by The Argus, said: “Following our last consultation meeting, we can confirm that no contractor will take a role from a permanent member of staff and if people are successful in securing a role, they will be promoted accordingly.

“We would also point out that if people decide not to take part in selection, then they will automatically ‘de-select’ themselves from the process and will be made redundant.

“Unite are fully aware and indeed understand the frustration of our members around the consultation process and the outcomes we are dealing with.

“Unite are a member-led organisation and following extensive feedback, we would like to offer members the opportunity to hold group meetings. We will talk about the possibility of commencing a consultative exercise with members, relating to your appetite for industrial action.

“We will continue to meet members both collectively and individually across all sites and across all grades, to support you with your questions and queries.”

L&G yesterday declined to comment on the threat of strike action and the restructure.