By Lewis Jaffa

Brighton Ultimate, the largest ultimate frisbee club in Europe, will be hosting training sessions at schools and colleges in Sussex to try to add to their 100 members.

A fast paced mixture of American football and netball, in ultimate frisbee teams score points by successfully catching the disc in the opposition’s end zone.

Players are not allowed to run with the disc.

Sarah McCann, who heads Brighton Ultimate’s community outreach programme, says the club is keen to get young people excited about the sport and learning the skills by partnering local schools and colleges.

In a sport that was only invented 30 years ago, teaching children now will give teams a serious advantage in the future.

She said: “We’d love it if some of the kids found their way to Brighton Ultimate Club training a few years down the line, but the most important motivation is ensuring that everyone has a chance to learn and play ultimate.”

Although it is played all year round, across the summer in the UK there are three weekend long tournaments, each with close to 1,000 players.

This month Brighton Ultimate won the mixed regional tournament with their team the Sussex Mohawks, who also represent University of Sussex in the sport.

Media coordinator for the club, Dom Buchan, said: “In the past year we've been trying to get more involved with the Brighton community.

"In the next few weeks we will be holding coaching sessions at Hurstpierpoint College, and next year we will be involved with TAKEPART - the city wide free sports festival.”

For more information on Brighton Ultimate’s community outreach scheme, including dates and the locations of their training sessions, visit, or follow the Sussex Mohawks on Twitter @MohawksUltimate.