Two teenagers sparked a police alert when they wrote a menacing list of schoolmates who “need to die”.

Worried teachers at Seaford Head School called officers after they discovered the ‘death list’ on Facebook threatening nearly 100 pupils, including disabled children.

Posted last weekend, the scrawled paper message – entitled “People Who Need To Die” – was widely shared by youngsters online.

Concerned staff alerted Sussex Police, who sent an officer into school on Monday to interview the two Year 11 students responsible.

All pupils at the school were spoken to by teachers while parents were reassured that no children were in danger.

One parent said: “It’s scary when you hear your child talking about a death list going around.

“I think the teachers and the police were right to take it seriously and find out what was going on – you never know what might happen.

“It must be horrible for the kids on that bit of paper. What a nasty thing to write.”

The school said further investigations would determine whether the two authors of the list would be charged with any crime.

Facebook Since the weekend the threatening message has disappeared and the offending Facebook profile has been deleted.

No school sanction for the youngsters responsible has yet been decided. Headteacher Lynton Golds urged parents to monitor their children’s use of Facebook and said all cyber-bullying should be reported to teachers and the police.

She said: “Seaford Head School has always taken cyber bullying very seriously and regularly reminds students, parents and carers of the importance of e-safety and acting responsibly on- line.

“The school will have no hesitation in sanctioning students who breach the school’s ICT policy as well as making the police aware of any future incidents of this nature.

“Seaford Head School has also offered a parents’ information evening on cyber- bullying and e-safety.”