Properties and businesses have been badly affected when floods hit a seaside town after a river burst its banks.

The River Adur submerged areas of Shoreham in the early hours of the morning after high tides caused the flash flooding.

Areas worst hit were Brighton Road and Ferry Road, and with another high tide expected this afternoon, the town could be in for more of the same.

Crew manager at Shoreham Community Fire Station Rod Gates said: “It all kicked off at about 12.30am when we were called to Brighton Road in Shoreham near the Sussex Yacht Club.

“When we were making our way to the affected area it became quite apparent that we wouldn’t be able to get anywhere near it because the River Adur had burst its banks.

“About ten to 15 properties had been severely affected by flood water as well as Sussex Yacht Club."

Surry Hard business park was also completely taken over by flood water so the fire crew had to request back-up which came from Hove Community Fire Station who sent two engines and Worthing Community Fire Station who supplied one.

Mr Gates added: “We were in the area for about three hours pumping water out and we were able to save three properties that would have been destroyed by the floods.

“So it’s not a lot, but at least it’s something.”

When they thought their work was done, fire fighters were alerted to a property the other side of the river.

Mr Gates said: “After finishing up there, we were called to the Waterside Inn on Ferry Road in Shoreham.

“The water had come all the way up Ferry Road and the pub bore the brunt of the floods.

“In the cellar, water was 1.2m deep and it became clear quite quickly that everything in there was completely destroyed.

“There were huge, heavy freezers floating about as well as all the stock – we were in there pumping that out until 6am.

“When we were driving back, we saw the lifeboat house on Kingston Lane, and that was surrounded by flood water too.

“I’ve lived here in Shoreham for 22 years and I’ve never seen the tide come in like that – it’s really quite shocking.

“We’re expecting another high tide at about 1pm, so we’re told by fishermen to expect the same sort of thing.”

Newhaven was also hit by floods at the same time, with Newhaven Town Railway Station being hit hardest, forcing it to close because the line was under water.

Watch manager at Newhaven Community Fire Station George Harrison said: “We were waking residents and told them to make sure they turn their electric off and selvedge anything they could by moving them upstairs.

“The water was lined up against people’s doors, but thankfully the water receded before any serious damage was caused.”

The floods kept staff at Shoreham Airport busy this morning too as they were forced to shift aircrafts and vehicles from standing water. 

The airport's official twitter feed said: "Airport has some flooding due to last nights tidal surge.

"Not expecting to open until 1100 while we check equipment."

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