An office worker said he watched in disbelief as parking attendants parked their van in a disabled bay and left it for more than an hour and a half.

Billy Bentick said he was disgusted by NCP staff after he claims they parked in the disabled bay despite other parking spaces being available.

The 28-year-old said he was angry after seeing the car park attendants reversing into the space in the Boulevard car park in Crawley.

An NCP spokeswoman said the staff parked in the bay because the car park was full and they needed to clear leaves from the site.

But pictures clearly show the van parked next to an empty space.

Centre of car park Mr Bentick said he saw the two NCP employees pull into the car park and originally park in the centre of the site.

At first the father-of-three, who works in an office block overlooking the car park, assumed the pair had come to empty the ticket machines but then he said the van was manoeuvred into the disabled bay.

Mr Bentick said staff then walked off towards the shops, returning 90 minutes later when they moved the car and parked it in the centre of the car park for another two hours.

Photos taken by Mr Bentick of the NCP staff’s behaviour were then posted on Facebook where they received more than 160 likes and 40 comments by last night.

He added: “I was watching him in disbelief. I have disabled friends and family.

“My dad can’t even walk 50 metres without being in excruciating pain so for these people to park there is taking the Mick.

“I was absolutely disgusted with the behaviour of the staff.

“I have seen them issuing tickets to people parking in the disabled bays or being parked over the white lines so for them to then go and do it themselves is terrible.

“It’s one rule for one and another rule for everybody else.”

An NCP spokeswoman said: “We had two staff members park an NCP branded van in the disabled bays on our property as the car park was completely full and they had been sent to the site to clear leaves and ensure the area was well maintained.

“With the car park full it meant that parking their van outside of the disabled bays would have caused three cars to have been blocked in.

“The team were on site the whole time and wearing hi visibility jackets, so would have immediately moved the van if any disabled customer had needed them to.”