Ben Martin of Animal Aid appeals to Argus readers to try meat-free alternatives to turkey and other meats this Christmas (Letters, December 6).

I echo his appeal, if only for the fact that I believe it is not necessary to consume animals to sustain a healthy life. But if readers are unwilling or unable to refrain from eating meat, there are other simple ways to make animals lives better through the food they eat.

Always buy free-range poultry, pork and grass-fed beef and lamb. Look for organic dairy products, particularly with a Soil Association recommendation, to guarantee male dairy calves are not exported to veal farms.

Buy sustainable fish; the Marine Stewardship Council logo ensures the fish is sustainable.

Currently, one-third of the world’s cereal crop goes to feed the 60 billion farm animals reared every year to produce meat, eggs and dairy products – the majority of them on factory farms.

With increasing strain on our resources and millions of people unable to feed themselves, I think it’s unsustainable and morally questionable to continue rearing so many farm animals in such intensive systems, feeding them crops which could be used for us.

Most farm animals will not have a Merry Christmas but by making a New Year’s resolution to reduce your reliance on meat and dairy, a better New Year may be possible.

David Hammond, North Court, Hassocks