So more cyclists have been knocked off their bikes recently. This was bound to happen following the introduction of the 20mph system, with cyclists weaving in and out of slower-moving traffic.

The longer nights in winter add to the statistics, as well as bikes without lights and cyclists wearing dark clothes.

Another problem I have experienced is those who ignore the cycle lanes provided for them, instead using the congested main roads.

If cycle lanes are available, surely we need a ruling that would make it an offence for cyclists not to use them.

Let’s have a fairer system and start making cyclists more responsible for their own fate and stop trying to blame drivers all the time.

While I am on my high horse, the Seven Dials transformation is a waste of money.

Having removed the railings, what you get now is pedestrians too lazy to walk to the crossing provided who wander across wherever they want.

Those who do use the crossings cross at an angle and then have the cheek to look daggers at the motorist for not pre-empting their intentions.

Pedestrians should approach the crossing square-on, then stop, look and listen before crossing when safe – not look at their mobile phones and walk straight out.

David Simmonds, Hollingbury Road, Brighton