It's that time of year again, the time of goodwill to all men - that is, as long as they are not exploited local or immigrant workers.

Under today's employment laws all workers, be they building workers working as supposed self-employed men, hotel workers, care assistants or agency workers, are entitled to paid holidays over Christmas.

Unfortunately, sheer greed makes some of this city's more dubious employers cheat their employees and refuse them this entitlement.

Because of language difficulties, immigrant workers not only miss out on holiday pay, but also find themselves working for less than the legal minimum wage. The Transport and General Workers Union would like to inform these workers they need not put up with this exploitation and help to secure their rights is just a phone call away.

Be they native-born Brightonians or immigrants from the farthest corners of Europe, the Transport and General will stand by and stand up for all workers and their rights.

If you feel you need this Union's help, phone K Williamson on 07710 272309 or the Union's Eastbourne Office on 01323 724224.

  • MWH Wilson, Old Salt's Farm Road, Lancing